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SM Studio Eva
SM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio EvaSM Studio Eva
In her saloon, Mrs. Eva uses intricate methods to satisfy even the most demanding customers with vast experiences in the S/M field. Carefully arranged procedure suited to fit every client's needs is one of the most appreciated features of Eva Salon.

The salon is situated in the center of Prague and it is easily reachable. Every visits begins with calm discussion over a cup of coffee. The cis free to speak about his wishes and desires. Thanks to her rich experiences, Mrs. Eva usually understands even those wishes, that are left unspoken of. Apart from inexhaustible amount of small accessories and instruments, Salon Eva is also equipped with historical replicas of tools, that have taken their good part in a history of torture and humiliation. Those include a fine rack, crucifying cross, log, table for bondage and other useful apparatuses. In a perfect contrast to those items is a modern lifting rack, electroinstallation (not for light amplification at all) and fully equipped gynecological surgery set in a style of 50's. All those tools can be easily combined and their effect can be cumulated to a maximum possible extent.

If the client so wishes, a young, charming countess can assist during any session. She can be (under certain dominant's supervision) punished, humiliated and quite not surprisingly, she is also usually raped at the end of the session.

But she is also available to assist Mrs. Eva, so that the client is consequently "processed" by the girl, that has a chance to rightfully give back what she previously received.

The Salon is also available for a short-time rental.

You are more than welcome to arrange for your visit via phone 0602/435 389. In order to assure maximum possible discretion, all visits are accepted only after prior phone confirmation.
SM Studio Eva (SM Salon) is located at Praha 3 show location on
Call at the following times: Non-Stop
The following facilities are available: Gynecological chair, SM Studio
To contact SM Studio Eva, call +420 602 435 389

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