Incall, SM Studio Praha 3
Madam Eva is a very experienced domina a she has fully equipped salon. Apart from replicas of mediaval instruments of torture such as rack, log, stake and crucifying cross, you can find even modern tools here. She is a master of all practics including clinic at the gynaecological chair, bondage taking place at a special table and even very exciting procedures at the special swing, where the client is bied and raised using a special piece of machinery. Madam eva is stricly dominant, but every client can share his views about the impending torture at the beginning of each session. The entire session strictly follows the rules specified. Also, a very submissive countess is available - you can experience very exciting moments with her. This offer definetely calls for further explanation - that's all you need to do. Call.
Eva (ID 327008) - 39 years, 168 cm, 57 kg, Brown hair, breast no. 3, is available for Incall, SM Studio and can be found at SM Studio Eva, Praha 3, Working hours Non-Stop

She offers the following erotic services: SM

To contact Eva, call+420 602 435 389

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