Rozkoš masáže

Massage salon Praha 2
Rozkoš masáže
Rozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masážeRozkoš masáže
A beautiful day to you! We invite you to pamper your whole body with pleasurable, ardent touches during erotic and relaxing massage. Your sexual energy will pour into your entire body. We massage using our hands, feet, body, breasts, mouths, tongues, and our buttocks. Our massage will relax you and arouse every part of your body. Our massages are designed for men of all ages, women and couples who have already reached 18 years of age. Our offer is divided into relaxing and erotic massages, which can be connected. The erotic massages we are of various types, but of course it's up to you and what you need - if you don't want something, we won't do it !!!!! Everything can be agreed upon and our experienced therapists are able to meet your requirements. We can massage your buttocks, prostate, penis, testicles; we can stretch and stimulate your anus, search for your G-spot, stimulate your nipples, massage your earlobes and feet. Everything is possible with a climax finish. If one set of hands and mouth is not enough for you, it's not a problem to involve more skillful masseuses. We do half an hour, hour and longer massages for individuals, couples and groups. There is a whirlpool for 4 persons, with adjacent seating for about 10 people, with good non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We offer bar service, but you can also bring your favorite drink. Wishing you a beautiful day, your masseuse Something for the ladies: VAGINA AND BREAST MASSAGE, ANAL STIMULATION UNTIL YOU CLIMAX.
Rozkoš masáže (Massage salon) is located at Svatoplukova 2, Praha 2 show location on
Call at the following times: Non-Stop
While here, you can enjoy the following program: Striptease, S/M Show, Lesbi Show, Go-Go Dancing, Live Show, Autoerotics, Massage, Video show, Travestishow, Topless, Swingers party, Asylum, Couple
The following facilities are available: Bar, Whirlpool, Gynecological chair, SM Studio, Garden, Showers, Air conditioning, Video
To contact Rozkoš masáže, call +420 728 240 530 or

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