Monika masáže Plzeň

+420 608 436 765
Massage salon Plzeň
Monika masáže Plzeň
Hi everyone, my name is Monika and I can offer you professional health and relaxation massages, which we can finish off with a bit of erotica. Massages are not only for men - women are warmly welcomed as well. We can even take the erotica into a spicier direction. Male anal, enemas, light S&M, 69, ladies anal, vibrator, prostate massage - very healthy for men. Jus give me a call and we can agree on the details. More info on my website, which I'm happy to share by phone. Looking forward to seeing you, Monika from Pilsen
Monika masáže Plzeň (Massage salon) is located at Slovany, Plzeň show location on
Call at the following times: Mo - Fr: 08:00-19:00, Sa - Su: 10:00-19:00
The following facilities are available: Sauna, Bar, Showers, Parking lot, Air conditioning, Video
To contact Monika masáže Plzeň , call +420 608 436 765 or

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