Melissa MasÚrka Brno

+420 736 667 104
Massage salon Brno
Melissa MasÚrka Brno
Melissa MasÚrka BrnoMelissa MasÚrka Brno
An attractive masseuse with a sporty body and silky breasts invites classy men for an unforgettable experience. I will spoil you with my experienced touch and play with your imagination. I know the perfect male body and I can listen to what it needs, I can empathize with your every cell, unite your breathing with mine, and bring you far beyond your outermost desires and ideas. i'll listen your troubles, caress your body and the soul. Each gets their own personal approach, this is not a massage production line, but a person with an open heart and a chosen mission to enjoy time with you ... time spent with me will always be just a guideline, we will agree on everything in advance.
Sexual services are not provided.
Melissa MasÚrka Brno (Massage salon) is located at Brno st°ed, Brno show location on
Call at the following times: Mo, Fr - Su: 09:00-22:00, Tu - Th: 09:00-23:00
The following facilities are available: Showers
To contact Melissa MasÚrka Brno, call +420 736 667 104 or

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