Lolitas Privát

Incall apartment Praha 3
Lolitas Privát
Looking for luxurious digs in Prague?
We are a private club full of cute masseuses. You can find us in Prague 3. This invite you to visit and relax and get rid of everyday worries. You can enjoy the gentle caress, massage and harmonizing passionate delight. With us you will fill your sensual imagination and fantasy.
Every day you can choose from up to six 18tiletých girls you bring your massage in good mood and where you can find what hledáte.Velký emphasis is placed on confidentiality, which for us is one of the main priorities. There is also the hygiene and cleanliness. Is it possible for us to agree well all night with Miss. We are happy we can offer our clients and escort services.
A complete range of services, including our special events can be found on our website. We look forward to meeting you!
Lolitas Privát (Incall apartment) is located at Praha 3 show location on
Call at the following times: Mo - Th: 12:00-03:00, Fr - Su: 12:00-04:00
While here, you can enjoy the following program: Striptease, S/M Show, Lesbi Show, Autoerotics, Massage, Swingers party, Asylum, Couple
The following facilities are available: Showers, Air conditioning
To contact Lolitas Privát, call +420 601 282 828 or

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