Kvalitní Tantrické masáže

Massage salon Praha 6
Kvalitní Tantrické masáže
Kvalitní Tantrické masážeKvalitní Tantrické masážeKvalitní Tantrické masážeKvalitní Tantrické masážeKvalitní Tantrické masáže
My offer:
- High quality tantric or Taoist erotic massage
- Private Lessons focused on Tantric massage and working with sexual energy
- Private Lessons focused on the development of own sexuality - by using Tao techniques and Taoist sexual kungfu can be achieved a whole-body orgasm and multiorgasm
- Advice on sexuality

Let yourself to be carried away by experiential Tantra massage in a beautiful and intimate environment enlightened by candles and scented with natural extracts of flowers. Relaxing music and magic hands of highly qualified masseuse will bring you peace and harmony. The massage can be sensual, tender, caressing, relaxing or dynamic with a strong massage of the muscles, based on what your body and mind need.
The aim is to increase and spread the life-giving sexual energy into the whole body, which leads to very deep experience.

What you can expect at the salon:
-The pleasant environment of the saloon that was designed for relaxation
-The intimate atmosphere is highlighted with aromatic candles and relaxing music
-A mixture of natural BIO oils of the highest quality without any chemical additives or artificial aromas is used
-Shower before and after the massage
-Friendly, qualified and experienced masseuse
-Personal approach

At the salon I will offer you a cup of tea and some little refreshments. While sipping the tea I would love to hear your expectations from the massage (the expectations could be – sensuality, relaxation of body and mind, spiritual connection, nourishing the body with gentle touches, concentration on erogenous zones…) and I will answer any questions that you might have about the massage or tantra itself.
I will try to customize the massage to make your requirements fulfilled.
You can take a shower before and after the massage.

--Tantric massage begins with tantric ritual, when both the masseuse and the client wear a special scarf called sarong. The sarong is wrapped around their naked bodies. Sarongs are taken off during the ritual and both the client and the masseuse remain completely naked.
--Tantric massage itself begins with tantric ritual.
The tantric ritual is used to make initial contact between client and masseuse. From the perspective of Tantra the ritual is honoring the man as a God or the woman as a Goddess.
-- Massage with hot towels warms the body in depth, which helps to relax the muscles deeper.
-- Pampering with soft objects can be felt as different forms of touch on your body.
-- The longest part is oil massage of the whole body including intimate parts like like buttocks, perineum, testicles and penis.
If you wish to include prostate massage, please mention this requirement while making reservation.

About me:
- 7 years experience in massage, I own many certifications of different types of massage and body therapy
- I have been actively attending tantra and taoist seminars for 6 years.
Kvalitní Tantrické masáže (Massage salon) is located at Bělohorská 21, Praha 6 show location on mapy.sex.cz
Call at the following times: Mo - Fr: 09:00-23:00, Sa - Su: 10:00-23:00
While here, you can enjoy the following program: Massage
The following facilities are available: Showers, Air conditioning
To contact Kvalitní Tantrické masáže, call +420 777 878 491 or

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