Erotická rozmazlující masáž

+420 702 918 232
Massage salon Praha 5
Erotická rozmazlující masáž
Erotická rozmazlující masážErotická rozmazlující masážErotická rozmazlující masážErotická rozmazlující masážErotická rozmazlující masážErotická rozmazlující masáž
Hello, my name is Karolina. I'ma smiling, energetic brunette with a firm sexy body. I've been massaging now for a number of years. I'm a certified masseuse who knows how to do it well. I'd love to take you to the feeling of completely relaxed ecstasy. I'd love to do an arousing massage which gives you the feeling of utter relaxation.

I'll pamper you, caress you, tease your intimate areas. You wont' want me to stop...
I massage completely nude. During the massage, I use my entire body, hands, firm breasts....
The massage finishes with hand or oral climax, depending on what we agree on.
Just you and one and nothing will disturb us.
Two naked bodies that will rub each other and mutually staistfy each other while listening to wonderful relaxing music.

While massaging, I try to empathize with your secret thoughts. I concentrate primarily on your ""pride"", which is a very healthy penis massage from the glans to the root of the penis.
I also perform prostate massage (if desired).
I use scented or unscented oriental oils, relaxation emulsions.
Everything is pleasantly warm and delightful on the body.

Personal and friendly approach from a smiling, energetic brunette, Karolina.
If you're nervous, don't be...I'll guide you and after a while you'l tell all :-)

I massagwe from Monday to Friday, occasioanly on Saturday or Sunday, don't hesitate to call and ask. I prefer calls. If I don't answer the phone, send me a text.
Erotická rozmazlující masáž (Massage salon) is located at Na Neklance 4, Praha 5 show location on
Call at the following times: 09:00-21:00
The following facilities are available: Whirlpool, Showers, Parking lot
To contact Erotická rozmazlující masáž, call +420 702 918 232 or

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