BDSM Mystery

+420 722 152 448
SM Salon Praha 7
BDSM Mystery
BDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM MysteryBDSM Mystery
A successful, well-established studio close to the Vltavská metro station, with easy parking within walking distance. There are two separate fully equipped rooms with genuine brick walls and vaulted ceilings. From the rooms breathes the mysterious and sensual atmosphere of medieval castles. The atmosphere is significantly underscored by the rich furnishings - most of the furniture was originally designed and made to measure:

- Two saltire crosses
- Two massive wooden beams for lifting and bondage
- Removable pillory fastened to a beam
- Punishing bench with straps
- Two wooden ponies of various designs
- Large bed with variable tethering options

Among the tools you will find many handcuffs, collars, ropes and chains, countless different flogging tools (floggers, paddles, canes, whips, etc.), candles, pins and nippers, gags, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, spreaders, rings and harnesses, humbler, testicle crushers, masks, harnesses, costumes, and much more. We keep all our equipment consistently clean and disinfected; older items are regularly replaced and new items added.

The studio can be reserved for private use by appointment, either individual rooms or the whole studio including two bathrooms and a spacious foyer for larger events. We look forward to your visit.

- Electric pulley to lift a weight of several hundred kg
- S&M swing
- Adjustable wooden gynecological chair (conceived as a punishing bench)
BDSM Mystery (SM Salon) is located at Holešovice, Praha 7 show location on
Call at the following times: 11:00-23:00
The following facilities are available: Gynecological chair, SM Studio, Showers
To contact BDSM Mystery, call +420 722 152 448 or

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