Escort Praha 2
Hey , 18 - year-old Miss Sonia, is an absolute novelty . Lovely face , with the figure of a 183/60/3 , amazingly demeanor milátouha try new things . Pet, Which sex loves cuddling , beer Consultative wild sex . Gentlemen , Sonia will be No1 in Prague !!!! He loves passionate kissing, bilateral OrálekAž see how she loves sex . I speak English - ESCORT ONLY
Sonia (ID 445479) - 18 years, 183 cm, 60 kg, Brown hair, breast no. 3, is available for Escort and can be found at Privát SexNo1, Praha 2, Working hours Mo: 10:00-02:00, Tu - Fr: Non-Stop, Sa: 17:00-00:05, Su: Not available

She offers the following erotic services: Classic, Oral, Oral without, Male anal, Two-to-one, Light SM, Massage, Striptease, Companionship

To contact Sonia, call+420 606 588 474 or

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