Incall, Escort, SM Studio Praha 5
Brunette Aneta will realize your wishes. Cheerful, playful and always horny, never has enough. With me you enter into endless paradise. I like the softness and hardness. Dial my number and we can arrange to SM. I look forward to Aneta.
Aneta (ID 415343) - 25 years, 170 cm, 52 kg, Black hair, breast no. 1, is available for Incall, Escort, SM Studio and can be found at Privátek Madame Pompadour, Praha 5, Working hours Non-Stop

She offers the following erotic services: Classic, Oral, Oral without, Male anal, Two-to-one, Piss, Light SM, SM, Massage, Striptease, Lesbi Show, Companionship

To contact Aneta, call+420 775 280 660 or

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