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Hi, I am 23 year-old sweet and smiling girl Erika.I lost my job and Iam in dept - so I need to quickly money, becauseI love sex, so I try this. ;-) I love passionate sex and provocation, but I will your kitten with tender sex. I belive that you are with me happy and satisfied. I'll try to accommodate all. Apart from the showers or baths, autoerotic, oral sex and I can get more men together. We can try other practices necessary to piss or strap-on.But of course, I rather prefer the classics, massages and taking it easy;-)I'm in Prague 8/9 subway Střížkov, there are many place for parking at the house.I also go to escort throughout Prague. So looking forward, call and speak.I'm 23, 172/59, 2 breasts, Erika. +420 774 317 438
Erika (ID 307631) - 23 years, 172 cm, 59 kg, Black hair, breast no. 2, is available for Incall, Escort and can be found at Privát Adrianka, Praha 8, Working hours 10:00-01:00

She offers the following erotic services: Classic, Oral, Oral without, Male anal, Two-to-one, Piss, Light SM, Massage, Striptease, Lesbi Show, Companionship

To contact Erika, call+420 774 317 438 or

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