Incall, Escort, SM Studio Praha 6
Skilled masseuse invites nice gentlemen, who need a quality massage, caressing and erotic experience, in her discreet privacy in the center of Prague. Possible Erotic Massage, Haircutting, Mixed-Wrestling.
I have a certificate in sports and fitness massage and tantra massage too, but I develop also other techniques and methods, and each massage is more a work of affection and mutual harmony.
To touch each other in my submission, and certainly one that can spice up even a light SM, footfetish or oral to you with protection.
SEX - Sexual intercourse I don´t offer. But you can receive even deeper experience, while I make your body unusually relaxed and prolonged orgasm charge you with energy.
I also offer a real match - Mixed Wrestling with me. It is possible to fight hard, but without punches and kicks, or if you enjoy your submissiveness, you can only try the feeling while I keep you in the scissors or immobilization in a tie. They say I´m strong like a bull.
Adéla (ID 152690) - 23 years, 168 cm, 56 kg, Blond hair, breast no. 4, is available for Incall, Escort, SM Studio and can be found at Tantra, Haircutting, Wrestling, Praha 6, Working hours 06:00-24:00

She offers the following erotic services: Male anal, Piss, Light SM, Massage, Lesbi Show, Companionship

To contact Adéla, call+420 773 476 775 or

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